About Me.

I am a textile artist living on the East coast of Ireland with my artist husband, and our four children, ages 10-21.

We co-founded and co-run a sustainable-living food and skills community hub here in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Common Ground, and are committed to living by Right Livelihood, as sustainably as possible, both as parents and as artists, but also, and perhaps most of all, as members of the human race. But we are human, and really we are just figuring it out as we go.

I also set up, along with some friends, Wicklow Sudbury School, Ireland's first ever democratic school, where learning is self-directed, and freedom for children is paramount.

We are also in the early stages of building Common Ground Co-housing - affordable houses for ourselves and our friends.

This blog is about our endeavours in all these projects, our striving, it's about our questions and about trying things out, it's about our mistakes. It's not about preaching, and it's not about The Only Way.
And sometimes it's about where my art practice fits into it all (if at all!).
It's also not about how it should be done, but how we are trying to find Our Way to do it. It's about the One No, and the Many Yeses. No, we will no longer be part of the rape and pillage of this beautiful earth and this life we have been given, but the ways to do this, the yeses, are hundredfold, and we all have to figure that out for ourselves.

Since childhood I have stood (mostly) quietly outside the box, and while it's difficult when one is young, the older I get the easier it is. I never saw myself as a shit stirrer, but I now realise that if speaking my truth makes me one, then I'm okay with that. In this place I write about things that mean something to me, and if it makes my readers uncomfortable and makes them question things they've always believed without question, then that's a good thing.
I like to pull back the curtain on the Wizard, to point out the Emperor without clothes, it can be painful but it's good for you, I promise.

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